S06E20 - “Murder With A Golden Touch” - Plot

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Act One

In the middle of the night, a station wagon drive to a building housing 'Geodetic Surveys Ltd'. A man gets out and takes pictures of the party going on inside. Afterward, he makes his way to the basement and climbs the stairs up inadvertently cutting the power to the building. He hides as the two men from the party go down to investigate what's happened. The first man (Peter Donat) tells the second man (John Orchard) to "check the room". Opening a combination locked door, the second man steps inside finding their gold bars untouched. The man who entered tries to escape but is shot by the first man but drives until he collapses wrecking the station wagon. A pair of hippies rob him taking his watch and gun.

In the laboratory, Che Fong (Harry Endo) briefs McGarrett the man was identified through his prints as Henry Mott. He's former HPD Burglary Squad and apparently one of the best. According to Duke (Herman Wedemeyer), it appears to be a homicide mugging because his gun, wallet with money and watch are gone, but McGarrett doesn't buy it. Danno wonders if he was killed with his own gun but he wasn't as Che says it was a .22 that killed him not the .38 he carried. McGarrett is about to run out when Che stops him as he found "all over his clothes, his shoes, and on his hands, were tiny grains of a yellow substance". Che has an idea and was about to verify it. He runs the test and confirms the substance on Mott was gold. Che says he was in a room where the dust itself is worth a small fortune. McGarrett is clear: he tells Danno to check mainland sources because gold has to be on file with the government and absolutely no leaks about the gold until things are pinned down.

The first man from the night before walks poolside at his house kissing his wife Tamisha (Haunani Minn) offering her a bottle of champagne. Greg suggests a party that night and starts to walk away but she confesses she was worried when he didn't come home last night and she called her father. He tells her she worries too much but considers her a joy in his life.

On the street, Greg picks up the second man from the night before. They discuss what happened last night and consider the man a burglar who wouldn't go to the police. They'll proceed as planned. Later Greg arrives at the office where Mr. Kayata (John Mamo) wants to see him right away. The men meet with Greg claiming to be with a buyer but Kayata isn't necessarily buying what he's selling. Kayata recognizes Mott's picture and name in the paper becoming worried.

Chin visits a council of older Chinese gentlemen giving proper reverence. Chin speaks to the lead man (C.K. Huang) expressing gratitude for the audience. Chin gets to the point: he tells them they know some of them have large quantities of gold and want to know if any of them are aware of a shooting concerning gold. They do not but something unique occurred: several months before someone wanted to purchase several molds, the kind that have been used for centuries because they wanted to make gold bars. When Chin asked what the stranger looked like, they'll never know because the man approached is blind.

The second man from the building go to the pier and the boat 'Louise'. On board, one man (James J. Sloyan) bangs away at something when the second asks to browse their antiques. The guy yells for Ned (James Davidson) to show the items they have. The second man discusses he heard someone found a Chinese trader and the guy says it was them. When they try to sell their wares, the second man pretends to be a cop and threatens to arrest them but starts laughing at their gullibility. He almost gets thrown overboard for his efforts as they aren't keen on his tactics. He stops them telling them he wants to hire them for $10,000.

Act Two

Danno enters McGarrett's office with a list of people authorized to deal in gold in Hawaii. As McGarrett reads the list a familiar name pops up: Tenjo Kayata of Asian Metal Arts Company. He employed Mott on August 16th.

McGarrett pays Kayata a visit wanting to know why Kayata employed Mott. At first Kayata denies hiring Mott but McGarrett tells him they already know all about it: "we've seen the records of the Oahu Detective Agency. We know the date that you engaged them, the deposit paid, and the name of the person to be followed". Kayata relents saying he warned his daughter not to marry Greg Lawrence but she wouldn't listen. Kayata goes on saying Greg began staying away from home and he hired Mott to find out what was really going on. Kayata claims he hadn't received a report from Mott yet and saw that morning Mott had been killed. McGarrett changes gears asking about Kayata dealing in gold, which he confirms as well as other things and they export around the world. Kayata says Mott was never in his vaults and he isn't aware of anything stolen or missing. McGarrett leaves telling Kayata they'll be in touch. After McGarrett is gone, Kayata contacts the vaults. Outside at his car, McGarrett wants a patch to Danno. He wants a background on Greg Lawrence and he wants it fast.

That night at Greg's house as Tamisha sleeps, he's outside burying something in the yard. He makes just enough noise to wake Tamisha who goes to the window in time to see him bury a gun.

On the water, the 'Louise' sets anchor meeting up with their employer, Mr. Quillian and is assured they're in the right spot. They set about transferring several crates off Quillian's boat onto the 'Louise' and continue until all the crates are transferred. They then drop the crates onto a wreck below them with one of the crates used to as "the Convincer" as the gold bars are spread across the wreck to make them appear that they've been there the entire time. Quillian tells them to get back and report their find, "mustn't keep the world waiting".

In McGarrett's office, Danno has Greg's background: "born in Houston, Texas. Parents divorced. Drifted to Los Angeles and started to make it on his own" with several quick rich schemes but no record. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) walks in as the television shows the salvage operation results of Fleming, the first guy on the 'Louise' and his pal Ned. The reporter (Joseph B. Moore) asks about what time and it was 8:00 or 8:30 that morning. The reporter says the gold in the chest is worth about $1 million. McGarrett is definitely interested.

At the dock, HPD assists moving the crates off the 'Louise' placing them into a secured truck and driving away. As the two HPD units escort the truck, McGarrett and Danno arrive at the 'Louise' to speak to the salvage operators, Fleming and Boyle. McGarrett mentions it's a big day for Hawaii history with Fleming and Boyle downplaying the hubbub. However, Five-O has done their homework: "Charles Fleming and Ned Boyle, arrested for selling a worthless pendant represented as an antique" resulting in a suspended sentence after they gave back the money to the buyer. They claimed "an honest mistake". McGarrett wonders if the gold is fake but they say it's not their problem because they were under charter when they found the gold. They tell McGarrett and Danno they were hired by Geodetic Surveys, Joe Quillian, president.

Act Three

A Coast Guard cutter goes to the area and on board Quillian lays it on thick to McGarrett about the name of the cutter they found 'Boston Cloud'. Quillian has the whole story of how the captain sold opium to the Chinese warlords for gold and was on his way home when he hit a reef off Makapuu Point. As they arrive, the cutter drops anchor and sends two divers over to check out the wreck. They find gold bars scattered on the sea floor going up to ask for a cable as Quillian is all smiles.

McGarrett goes to Che's lab with Arthur Jentry (Peter Carew) from San Francisco as part of the largest dealers in the country in precious metals. Che is about to test for purity of the gold found and it checks out at 99.5 percent pure. McGarrett wonders how old the gold is: possible that it's been on the sea floor for 150 years? Che tells him there is no way to tell because gold doesn't oxidize. Che adds the university has long aged the wreck and the chest isn't any help as it is old too but it's not rare either. As they talk, Jentry handles an ingot but there is no way to know whether they're real or fake, at least without seeing the molds. Jentry explains a sample is being sent to the U.S. Mint in Washington to double-check the validity of the ingots and the test is required prior to Jentry being allowed to buy the gold. McGarrett is taken aback by this news and Jentry says he's there to buy the gold for $1 million.

Quillian rushes out to the 'Louise' as Fleming tells him they want a bigger cut because of what they know and the risk being taken. The police are asking questions and the gold is being lab-tested. Quillian calls Greg telling him about Fleming and Boyle's demands: half. Greg tells him he knows what to do and says it covertly because Tamisha can overhear him. She asks him if there's any trouble and offers her help no matter what it is.

McGarrett arrives at Five-O and is met by Danno with a telex from Washington. The Mint verified the purity but cannot prove or disprove conclusively whether the ingots are antique or not because there is no proof the bars were made at excessive temperatures. Danno also has a report from HPD about a pair of juveniles picked up on a marijuana bust: they had Mott's watch, camera and gun. They confessed to robbing him after he died. As they talk in McGarrett's office, they hear someone enter the outer office: it's Kayata. He tells McGarrett he had an inventory completed after he left the other day: 185 pounds Troy weight of gold is missing! The worth is $1,200,000. McGarrett looks at Danno and they both realize the $1 million at the wreck is the missing gold. McGarrett wants warrants against Greg, Quillian, Fleming and Boyle as well as airport and harbor police notified to close down the island.

Danno and an HPD unit try to execute a warrant against Fleming and Boyle but the 'Louise' is gone. Chin arrives at Geodetic Surveys Ltd. to execute the warrant there. Ben talks to Tamisha while Danno calls in to McGarrett saying a Coast Guard chopper just found the boat near Makapuu Point near the sunken ship. The cutter goes out with McGarrett and Danno on board trying to contact Fleming and Boyle but the 'Louise' appears to be abandoned. A pair of divers goes over again but this time they find Fleming and Boyle dead underwater!

Act Four

The cutter 'Cape Corwin' returns to dock with the bodies of Fleming and Boyle on board. McGarrett hurriedly exits the ship meeting Jentry on the docks telling him the gold is stolen but it's too late, Jentry has already bought it! McGarrett turns back, yelling to Danno to call every bank to find if a $1 million check has been deposited within the last 24 hours.

Tamisha confronts her father about Greg because he's gone. Kayata tells her he stole $1 million from him but she doesn't believe him. Kayata admits Mott did report to her and shows Tamisha the photos Mott had taken of Greg with another woman. Kayata was concerned about her feelings and lied to the police to protect her. Tamisha is devastated.

In McGarrett's office, a bank manager (Howard Gottschalk) informs McGarrett and Danno an account for Geodetic Survey Company was opened about a year ago. The account was opened with $12,000 but $10,000 was later withdrawn. Danno guesses it's the fee for Fleming and Boyle with McGarrett surmising they got greedy and why they wound up dead. The manager says at 10:07 that morning, $1 million was deposited in the account. McGarrett asks Jentry how much would have to be stolen daily to amount to the $1 million swiped. Jentry says 30 ounces, it would fit into a small attaché case. McGarrett says Jentry hasn't lost his money yet because they can get an attachment order against the check. Danno isn't happy with what they don't have: Greg and Quillian because they got off the island. McGarrett says they haven't them yet, smirking with a plan with the help of the bank and the manager is more than willing to help. The manager says the company officers are authorized to withdraw: Mr. James Brennan of London and Andre Lemieux of Paris who are actually Quillian and Greg. McGarrett figures they will send a draft for the account, possibly at the same time and wants the bank to respond with a message.

In London, Quillian receives the message and Greg receives the same in Paris. It prompts them to return to Honolulu via Heathrow and Paris airports.

Danno runs into McGarrett's office with word from Scotland Yard and the French Surete reporting Quillian and Greg are on their ways back. He also says Tamisha is there to see McGarrett. McGarrett agrees and she's shown in with Tamisha looking sullen. She tells McGarrett it was in her garden and she pulls the gun out of her purse.

Quillian and Greg arrive in Honolulu immediately going to the bank. Chin calls McGarrett about the arrivals prompting he and Danno to run out of McGarrett's office. When Greg arrives, he asks to see a bank officer with the receptionist sending him to Room A to see Mr. Miller. Greg walks in saying there has been a mistake and the mistake is his. Miller is actually McGarrett! Danno walks in to arrest Greg as Quillian was arrested earlier when he tried the same thing. McGarrett tells them they didn't cheat each other, they only sent them the same message: "account overdrawn". "Book them, Danno. Murder one, three counts".

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2019. No reproduction of any kind without permission.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2019. No reproduction of any kind without permission.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2019. No reproduction of any kind without permission.

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