S08E03 - “Termination With Extreme Prejudice” - Plot

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Act One

A couple takes in Honolulu sites including the International Marketplace. The wife, Sybil Danby (Juliet Mills) comments to her husband Charles (Murray Matheson) on everything being flowers and looking at bikinis, knows she couldn't wear one to tea. As she goes on, Charles notices someone in the glass reflection following them. They stop at a wig shop window where she laughs, saying she's pretty sure she doesn't need a wig. He tells her he's going back to the hotel for a rest since he doesn't feel well, leaving Sybil to her shopping. The man, who is following them, follows Charles who cuts through some back alleys. When he enters one alley, Charles shoots him with a silenced gun stealing his wallet and watch. Back at his hotel, Charles takes a bunch of cash out of his wallet putting it into a shirt pocket. He takes the shirt to the beach, dropping it and walks into the ocean.

McGarrett emerges from his office with the day's newspaper and its blaring headline: 'Search on for missing English Lord fear drowned'. McGarrett wants to get on top of the case quickly so they can give the English Consul answers when he asks. He wants the Coast Guard notified he's on the way and a helicopter search of the area. He then takes Danno to the Halekulani where Danby was staying.

On the beach, the rescue crew search the water as uniformed HPD officers walk the beach and a helicopter flies overhead but there is no sign of Charles. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) watches over it all as the crowds gather. A Coast Guard ship sails in deeper water with McGarrett on board. Danno is on the helicopter as Duke goes through Charles' last movements: he left his wife about 4:30 p.m., came back to the hotel, changed and went to the beach. Unfortunately, they don't have any witnesses. The only one they have is Sybil who returned about 6:00 p.m. looking for Charles but instead found his wallet with $1100 inside. The suite was locked and only they have keys but his key was found in his shirt pocket. Duke points out the current can be tricky through the reef with Danno adding this is especially true if someone overestimates their swimming ability. McGarrett asks which suite they're in with Duke saying "seven four". The helicopter flies off with no sign of Charles anywhere.

McGarrett goes to see Sybil to give her the bad news but she can't believe Charles is dead. McGarrett clarifies he's missing and presumed dead and wants to know if he's acting in any unusual way lately. When Sybil doesn't know what he means, McGarrett asks if Charles has been depressed or under any strain. Sybil says there's been an awful run of luck over the last few months when he's lost a great deal of money. The reason they traveled to Hawaii is that Charles knew some people there who could help him recoup his losses. McGarrett asks if it's possible the deal fell through and he decided to end it. Sybil tells him that's out of the question, "the Danbys don't commit suicide. At least not in foreign waters and not without consulting their solicitors". There is a knock on the door, which McGarrett answers: a man named Harry Wells (Dan O'Herlihy) offers his condolences to Sybil. Sybil introduces him to McGarrett who asks him the usual questions. Wells has known Charles for two years socially as well as "business friends" as Wells hands McGarrett his card: Empire Textiles. McGarrett wonders if Wells travels to Hawaii often but Wells is evasive only saying he wishes he was able to be there more often. Realizing he shouldn't be talking about himself, he tells Sybil if she needs anything, he'll be at the Reef Hotel. Wells then takes his leave. Sybil would like to be alone, which McGarrett obliges giving her his card in case she thinks of anything Five-O needs to know.

McGarrett and Danno walk to the car passing a pile of newspapers. McGarrett remembers where he saw Empire Textiles before Wells' card. He picks up a paper showing Danno the article on John Everett who was found in a Chinatown alley after being killed and robbed. McGarrett wonders why Wells didn't mention Everett. Danno says the newspaper item is small so Wells may not have seen it. HPD may not have notified Wells especially if they didn't know he was in town. McGarrett wants Danno to check the story and to run down Empire Textiles in London. He also wants a tail on Wells and to put Duke on that.

Wells walks with a man (John Hunt) telling him Sybil isn't involved in any way but he'll have to contact her after he makes his deal. The man points out that's true if the suicide was faked but Wells is certain Charles faked his death. Wells tells the man to keep an eye on Sybil because Charles won't leave without her. Wells believes Charles killed Everett because he couldn't face bankruptcy proceedings. As they part, Wells says to Sloane they shouldn't be seen together anymore due to "a local constable named McGarrett". Wells says they can't afford to underestimate him.

Duke follows Wells in what seems to be circles as Wells eventually shakes him taking a London Tour double-decker bus. Later, Wells meets another man (Kwan Hi Lim) at the Byodo-In Temple. The other man says the party Charles was to meet will be in tomorrow as Wells says that will be resurrection day. He also assures Wells when he hears from Charles, he will notify Wells at his hotel by saying "the shipment has arrived".

In McGarrett's office, he talks to Duke about Wells' do-si-do near The Breakers apartments with McGarrett calling him a pro. Danno walks in with news about Empire Textiles: "a highly reputable firm and Wells is the boss. Been in business for years". McGarrett says the cover would have to be good. The phone buzzes: Jenny (Peggy Ryan) has a call from Jonathan Kaye (Bill Edwards) from Washington D.C. Danno and Duke leave as McGarrett takes Jonathan's call. They discuss Charles and how he's nearly bankrupt. However, Jonathan has a bombshell: Charles is also MI6. When the creditors started calling, Charles had to sell something but MI6 won't say what he's selling. Jonathan wants this case at the top of the heap because London is pressuring Washington for some answers.

McGarrett goes to see Wells telling him both Wells and Charles are part of MI6. McGarrett goes on saying Charles is a suspected double agent and Wells followed him to Hawaii. McGarrett wants details, which Wells isn't wiling to share because they're "none of your business". McGarrett tells him one of his operatives was killed in Hawaii and that is McGarrett's business. Wells explains to McGarrett MI6 laid a trap for Charles placing fake information into a file they knew the Chinese would pay a hefty sum for. Wells claims the documents are worthless but according to McGarrett's information, the documents are worth something. McGarrett wants to know why Wells didn't come forward before and he claims he wasn't willing to share MI6's mess. However, this doesn't wash because McGarrett lists what's wrong: a murder has been committed, a man is missing and the British government is pressuring Five-O "for answers." Wells says if Charles is dead the tide should wash him up in three days but McGarrett isn't playing around: he wants Charles for murder. Meantime, Charles walks into a car rental agency.

Act Two

Chin walks into McGarrett's office saying he blew up Charles' passport photo, passing it out to "terminals, hack stands and undercover contacts". He also reports Duke is still at he hotel keeping an eye on Sybil and the switchboard is alerted should she receive a message, they'll know. They discuss the case up to this point: they know Charles was an MI6 agent, may or may not be alive and supposedly selling secrets to Chinese intelligence. McGarrett recalls one thing Wells said: Hawaii was chosen due to being a neutral site so the buyer of the information isn't local. McGarrett wants Chin to spread the word through Chinatown to report any new arrival.

Charles enters 'Wo Fat Chop Sui' restaurant near Hotel Street where he talks to a local contact (Inny Young) looking for Wan Tai (Harry Chang). The contact claims to not know Wan Tai or have a contact in London who told Charles to look him up. Charles insists on seeing Yuan Kee if "the shopkeeper" can't set up the appointment. Charles tells him if Yuan Kee wants the "shipment" he needs to set up the appointment as soon as he can.

A man arrives at an hotel saying he's Tien Chung with the clerk (Darrah Lau) asking him to register. The clerk hands him a note from Mr. Kee and Tien walks away. Once he does, the clerk passes the registration to Chin who calls McGarrett telling him about Tien checking into the Reef Hotel. According to Chin's sources, Tien is believed to actually be Wan Tai, an undercover agent for the Red Chinese. Chin also tells McGarrett about the message from Kee, the "head of our local Far East Trade Association" that is a front for Chinese intelligence. McGarrett decides to pay Kee a visit.

Charles enters a flower shop ordering a specific arrangement of a dozen red roses and one white rose to send to Sybil. Charles overpays and leaves in a hurry.

McGarrett arrives at Far East Trade Association where he tells the receptionist (E. Lynne Kimoto) to interrupt Kee's meeting. Once she calls Kee, she tells McGarrett to go into the office where Wells is meeting with Kee. Kee and Wells claim they were discussing fabrics, specifically silk, which McGarrett doesn't buy for a second as he sips on the tea offered. McGarrett gets to the point asking about Wan Tai who Kee claims to not know. Kee looks at his watch saying it's late and he has other matters to attend to. McGarrett and Wells leave and Kee calls Tsiang to pass "an urgent message" to Wan Tai.

Act Three

Outside the Far East Trade Association, McGarrett and Wells talk with McGarrett calling Wells' performance good. McGarrett isn't happy as Wells held out information on Wan Tai. Wells considers McGarrett's application of pressure "crude" and giving away their position to the other side. McGarrett explains what he did in order for them to make moves and mistakes. Wells suggests they work together but McGarrett has two conditions: no withholding information and he works within the laws of Hawaii. Wells considers himself above the law but McGarrett shoots him down right away. McGarrett then gets into his car and drives away.

The flowers are delivered to Sybil with Duke taking notice. When Sybil opens the box, she knows the significance of the white rose. Meanwhile, Duke stops the delivery boy outside.

Tien/Wan Tai chews out Kee for allowing McGarrett to learn where he's staying. He then asks Tsiang, who was the contact Charles talked to, the last time he saw "the Englishman". Tsiang says he saw him yesterday and expects him today. Wan Tai tells Kee he will expedite the meeting and he will be in attendance as well.

Danno reports back the florist made a positive identification of Charles as the one who ordered the roses. She also noticed Charles was driving a rental car and McGarrett wants Danno to check all the agencies. He also wants an APB on Charles with no pickup. The phone buzzes as McGarrett puts Danno on hold: Jenny has Jonathan Kaye on the line from Washington. McGarrett tells Danno to make it fast just before taking Jonathan's call.

Charles returns to the Wo Fat Chop Sui restaurant to meet Tsiang who directs him upstairs to Kee. Kee sets up the meet at 4:00 p.m. at the Kyoto Temple even though it's currently 1:00 p.m. After Charles leaves, Kee calls Wells with the information on the meet. Wells turns to Sloane to put their plan into action.

As Charles drives through Honolulu; an HPD car unit follows him as Danno maintains aerial surveillance aboard a helicopter. He radios in to McGarrett who wants Chin to pick up the parallel. McGarrett tells Danno to notify all cars in the area to stay with him without him knowing they're following. Chin starts following as the helicopter keeps Charles in sight.

Wells makes a phone call from his hotel to McGarrett telling him about the meet: 4:00 p.m. at Makapu'u Point. McGarrett wants to know where Wells got the information and he says Kee told him, which means Kee is a double agent working for Wan Tai and Wells. What Wells isn't counting on is for Five-O to have Charles in sight as McGarrett passes on the information Wells gave him to Danno who says Charles is heading in the "opposite direction." McGarrett wonders what it all means.

Charles keeps driving as Danno projects his destination as the Kyoto Temple. Chin says he'll park in the area and follow. As Charles arrives, the helicopter hovers nearby as Charles walks to the meet and Chin parks.

At the temple, Sloane is taking pictures as Wan Tai waits on Charles. Charles arrives meeting Wan Tai sharing small talk then getting down to business. Charles is worried about getting paid, which Wan Tai says the money will be deposited into a Swiss bank account as standard procedure. Just as the exchange is to take place, the helicopter gets too close and Charles takes off running but not before Sloane is able to take photographs of the meet. Chin gives chase as Wan Tai walks in a different direction. When Chin gets close, Wells knocks him down. Charles escapes into the jungle so the helicopter can't even keep up.

When Wells meets up with McGarrett, Wells shows the photographs: the evidence he was after. McGarrett isn't pleased as Wells talks his way out claiming to have been halfway to Makapu'u Point when Sloane picked up Wan Tai's trail as the police picked up Charles' trail. McGarrett cuts Wells out of the chase for Charles because he's Five-O's problem now. Wells isn't convinced, calling McGarrett's handling of the case uninspiring. Wells goes to leave asking for the photos back but McGarrett angrily tells him he can pick up the negatives on the way out.

Sybil walks down the street with Duke watching her as Wells draws her into an alley. Duke phones in as Wells tells Sybil to call him when she sees Charles. Meanwhile, McGarrett shares the news that Wells has contacted Sybil with Danno as they try to figure the cat versus the mouse.

Act Four

Charles returns to their hotel calling Sybil on a pay phone to lure her out of the suite. Chin radios McGarrett that Sybil just received a call and she's leaving her room. McGarrett is certain it's Charles as he and Danno move in on the hotel.

Sybil makes a call before she meets Charles with Chin close by updating McGarrett on the latest occurrence. Once Sybil calls Wells, she goes looking for Charles and finds him. He wants her to collect all the cash and jewelry pretending to go shopping. He wants her to go to the shop where they saw the "garish prints" to try on a dress but to actually slip out the back where he'll be waiting. He promises he'll explain everything later before running off.

On the beach, McGarrett and Danno keep an eye out for Charles and Wells: McGarrett wants both of them. Chin is keeping watch on Sybil and the suite. Duke reports Charles is heading toward them. Charles makes a sudden move to steal a boat from the beach. McGarrett and Danno give chase with an impressive rooster tail from the motor on the boat they take. Wells watches from the beach and takes off in another direction. As the boat chase continues, Wells drives to a location where Charles has to put in along the Ala Wai Canal. When Charles stops and steps out of the boat, Wells forces him to hand over the packet and shoots him dead with Charles falling into the water. McGarrett is downright ticked off when he and Danno catch up arresting Wells for murder one and espionage because he was the real double agent, not Charles. What a rat. Wells has one more trick up his sleeve, pulling a gun on McGarrett rather than give up the packet he forced Charles to hand over. McGarrett makes him drop the second gun then takes the packet by force. Wells says McGarrett should be in Intelligence but he is: Naval Intelligence as a Reserve Officer.

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